The new CARDIOLOGIC EXPLORER (CAE) is a multi-purpose device used to support the examination and automatic analysis of a stress ECG. Ergometry software is user-friendly and offers exceptional analytical features.

Key functions of the new ERGO software include:

  • 12-lead recording and presentation of stress ECG
  • Automatic measuring and diagnosis by HES®-algorithm
  • Flexible load plan supported by predefined standard protocols

New users as well as experienced users will be delighted by the functions.

01-ekg-schreiber-ENOverview of recorded ergometry including display of events

Load Planning

In preparation of the load plan prior to the examination, the duration of each phase can be set individually and the load can be adjusted. During the stress test, the time course is displayed together with heart rate and blood pressure.

Blood pressure can be measured by the internal blood pressure module of the ergometer as well as manually.

SW-Bild2display of load plan

Ergometry Examination
In the initial stage, a Rest ECG is recorded, serving as reference data during stress stages. The load plan determines the transition into the subsequent load stage. The stress stage ends automatically and is followed by a recovery stage, which serves to control the ECG values from the initial stage.

The side bar constantly provides the examiner with valuable data such as heart rate or blood pressure.

Event Recorder and Analysis of ST Segment
All events occurring during the examination are automatically recorded and categorized by type (e.g. VES). At any point during the recording, the last occurred event is displayed.

Furthermore, relative and absolute deviations of the ST segment can constantly be monitored and compared to the readings from the initial stage.

Monitoring of ST segment deviations during an examination

Automatic Diagnosis

Subsequent to the successful examination, HES®-findings are generated and displayed automatically. Manual findings can be added by the doctor.

The parameter view summarizes the most important parameters of the examination: heart frequency, blood pressure, occurring events and their classification, as well as deviations of the ST segment.
Parameter overview

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