Epos Ultra

Ultrasound Imaging System

Unique to the Dornier Epos Ultra is imaging guidance. Ultrasound provides precise localization and excellent imaging quality, allowing the user to continuously observe and control therapy. The treatment area can be viewed from various angles and a crosshair is depicted in the image to indicate the exact therapy focus.

Optimal Positioning

The flexible therapy head supports both lateral and horizontal orientations. This ensures optimal positioning, effective coupling and increased patient comfort.

Ergonomic Design

The sleek, ergonomic design makes set-up quick and easy.

Quiet, lightweight and easily transportable
Plug and Play design
Simple-to-use hand control puts all the system functions right at the user’s fingertips


Dornier continues to develop new technologies to obtain the highest level of effectiveness and treatment flexibility. The result is low re-treatment rates, patient comfort and improved treatment efficacy.

  • ESWT, Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy

ESWT uses shock waves (also known as pressure or sound waves) delivered outside the body to trigger an individual’s own repair mechanisms. Additionally, shock waves help to reduce sensitivity and pain.

A safe and non-invasive treatment option
Relieves pain and provides a short recovery period
Little or no side effects
Treatment lasts approximately half an hour
During treatment, the patient can be seated in a chair or positioned on an exam table

  • EMSE, Electromagnetic Shock Wave Emitter

Based upon years of clinical experience, Dornier has evolved its electromagnetic shock wave source to the highest level of efficacy. Today hundreds of physicians trust this proven EMSE technology to deliver consistent, reliable energy.

With the Dornier Electromagnetic Shock Wave Emitter (EMSE), a pulsed electrical current flows through a coil that is attached to a thin metallic membrane at the bottom of the emitter. When the membrane is repelled by the magnetic field, a shock wave is generated. An acoustic lens positioned in front of the coupling cushion focuses the shock wave. The end result is a cigar-shaped focal point, which is positioned at the treatment site. The Epos Ultra provides a broad range of energy levels and a constant energy release, as well as a precisely defined focal position.

  • Articulated Arm

The ultrasound articulated arm is attached to the system’s therapy head and is easily moved. This allows the therapy head to be freely positioned and closely aligned to the area being treated.