EV1000 Clinical Platform

What you need. When you need it.
The EV1000 clinical platform from Edwards Lifesciences presents the physiologic status of the patient in an entirely new, intuitive and meaningful way. Designed in collaboration with and validated by clinicians, the EV1000 clinical platform includes a monitor and databox, offering you scalability and adaptability in both the OR and ICU.

Choice, by design.
The EV1000 clinical platform presents a holistic view of clinically validated parameters provided by the FloTrac sensor, the PreSep and PediaSat oximetry catheters. With the EV1000 clinical platform, you are able to select parameters and the associated level of invasiveness. You also have a choice of screen options designed to support your decisions that actually depict physiologic events like pulmonary edema.

Visual clinical support.
The EV1000 clinical platform’s intuitive interface presents patient physiologic information clearly and simply. Color-based indicators communicate patient status at a glance, and visual clinical support screens allow for immediate recognition and increased understanding of rapidly changing clinical situations for improved decision enablement.

The first-ever modular clinical hub.
The EV1000 clinical platform was purposefully designed for both the OR and ICU environments with a separate monitor and databox, allowing you the choice of where to place it and how to set it up. The databox also allows for seamless adoption of future technology as Edwards continues to reinvest in and evolve hemodynamic monitoring.

Connectivity within the EV1000 clinical platform enables you to optimize your clinical workflow. There are three options for connecting the platform to your Hospital Information System – IFM out through a serial connection, HL7 through an ethernet connection, as well as an HL7 integration engine. These enabling technologies can facilitate the exchange of electronic medical information between the hospital information system and the platform, resulting in improved data transfer. Through HL7 clinicians can seamlessly query patient demographic data to more quickly initiate monitoring. The EV1000 clinical platform HL7 protocol was developed in accordance with IHE recommendations, providing a more standardized, easier path to device communications.

The Edwards Critical Care System
The EV1000 monitor, in combination with the EV1000 databox, creates the EV1000 clinical platform. When used with the FloTrac sensor, PreSep and PediaSat oximetry catheters, the EV1000 clinical platform transforms into a complete, unified monitoring system—the Edwards Critical Care System.

Experience what you need, when you need it, with the EV1000 clinical platform from Edwards Lifesciences, the global leader and pioneer in hemodynamic monitoring.